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It is very essential, that a woman is satisfied during a love making session. Men always think that they are always the ones who should be satisfy and they will decide how the session works but it’s not like this anymore. Ladies out there are very dominating and want to work things the way they want.

It is important to satisfy ladies men shouldn’t have erections and enhancement issues. It might get very embarrassing if the erections occur at the wrong time or if a man has a small penis.

Enhancement in penis is important and there are different ways to enhance penis. Through food and through different technologies penis could be enhanced very easily and without any side effects:

Food intake:

The food one intakes plays a vital role in the enhancement process. Some individual are gifted with big penis and don’t have to do much for enhancements but some on the other side needs some steps to follow in order to go through an enhancement process.

Acerola cherries:

Poor enhancement means that there is poor blood flow in the penis area. Therefore, it is vital to have food that will increase the blood flow. Acerola cherries are one of he potent source of Vitamin C and the highest known circulations of blood.

You always might think that intake of food cannot make difference but it is true that like healthy food can make a difference in the body weight, skin and mind like wise for our sexual life as well intake of food can definitely make a difference.


One of the natural herbs rich in omega fatty acids. They are good on maintaining a good blood flow to the sexual organs and also throughout the other body parts.

Flaxseeds can also be taken when you plan to diet. They are a very good source of B-vitamins.

To get the most our of flaxseeds it will be very useful if added to your cereals or daily smoothies.

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Bananas is a fruit that play an important role in many aspects of life. They are a very high source of potassium that balances sodium in our body. Bananas also are rich in vitamin B6 and increases stamina.

Long sessions of love making definitely needs good stamina and so food rich in vitamin B6 and potassium should be taken in order to increase stamina.

They are dietary fiber and antioxidants and so takes care of the whole body. Therefore, it is essential to include bananas in your daily routine.

Red Chilly peppers:

A very natural herb that makes the blood flows in the best speed. You can see the face of someone who had a spicy meal. It turns complete red as the speed of the blood flow increases. Improving the heart health is also one of the major task of chilies. They are proved to have reduced inflammation, improves digestive health and boost immunity.

Most of the people are not very fond of eating spicy food but a lot of benefits are attached to it and it is important that if not much then at least some chilies are added to the food you are taking.

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Whole grains and beans:

This kind of food is very good for the stimulation of our nervous system.

Our nervous system plays a very important in our sexual life. It allows you to interpret signals and feelings. Therefore food rich in thiamine and B-vitamin should be increased so that the signals and feelings are strong. One can have long lasting love making and can have better enhancements as well.

They are heart healthy and can improve the digestive health.

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Garlic and onions:

Onions and garlic cannot be a friend to our mouth and nose as it has an embarrassing smell but is definitely amazing for many health problems. They avoid having clots anywhere in the blood around our body.

They can even lower the blood pressure in our body. It is essential that if we are not taking it raw then we take it while cooking. It can have amazing effects on your sexual life as well. It gives amazing erections and long term enhancement that can be pleasurable for both the partners.


Enhancement and erections are definitely not a very big issue but we take is as one of the biggest issue, rather than looking at the solutions. It is vital that we look at the positive point than crying over the spilled milk. Every problem does have a solution and if not then definitely, today, science has advanced in a way that it has solutions for any problem that we might face.

Penomet is only of the latest technologies that I proved to be 100% natural and has no side effects at all.

If we want to achieve something in life, it is very true that we need to compromise no matter whatever it is. Losing weight needs compromising in eating habits, good and glowing skin needs comprising eating nutrients required. In the same way our sexual life also can be problematic at times and can have problems. Therefore, we need to compromise here as well. we need to look into this matter positively and eat food those are rich in the blood flow as we discussed above.

There might be some hormonal misbalance due to which the erections and enhancement make issues. Therefore, it is vital to visit a family doctor so that a test prescription is given to know what exactly the problem is. This problem can only be solved by test and then continued with the help of medication.

Therefore, if we sincerely want a positive change it is vital to have a strategy along with a mind set in order to have a well, enjoyable and pleasurable time with your partner.

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