Best remedies for curing vaginal dryness

From long 9 months to excruciating pain of delivery, a woman’s body has to grow through so many physical changes. The hormonal imbalance caused during pregnancy and the tearing of vaginal canal during delivery, ladies have to bear up with it all and believe me none of these things is easy.

Finally when you hold your bundle of joy in your arms, you suddenly realize that the life you had been living so far just turned upset down. The sleepless nights and tiring days, having a baby changes it all. Not only do you go through physical changes but many woman experience extreme mental changes too. And with this your relationship with your partner does not remain the same either.

For most of the couple sex takes the back seat and even when you get in a mood to enjoy yourselves, the vagina of the lady definitely does not support it. At one point in their lives, women do face the problem of dry vagina. No matter how much foreplay you do or watch blue prints to arouse yourself, at time your vagina just does not seem in the mood of letting you enjoy which can be extremely daunting.

Having a baby does affect your sex life but a dry vagina may completely destroy it for you. So to re-gain the charm and fun in your life, here are some remedies that could actually help you in overcoming a dry vagina:

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  • Hersolution gel

This product wonders for ladies who have been worried because of their dry vagina. Carefully formulated, this gel has been made from natural ingredients so that you can use it on your private part without any side effects.

So how does it work? The ingredients used in the gel work from the inside to treat the dryness s that you don’t have to experience painful sex. The gel also helps in improving the blood supply to the vaginal area which of course leads to intensified orgasms and much more enjoyable sex. Simply apply it on the walls inside of the vagina and enjoy the wet, horny sex like always.

  • Tea tree oil

Extracted from the nature and if mixed with coconut oil, the tea tree oil can cure the vaginal dryness in matter of a few days. Not only this, but this oil is great for treating infections and other problems related to your genitals.

  • Aloe Vera

Yes that is right Aloe Vera is one wonder product that can help you lubricating your vagina. A gel like substance, extracted from a leaf, Aloe Vera is well known for it amazing properties in making your skin and hairs simply amazing. But little do ladies know that applying just a little bit of it inside the vagina can cure the dryness as well so that you can enjoy sex just like before.

  • Coconut oil

Apply it on hairs for increasing its volume and giving it a shine or simply massage it on the face for having a younger looking skin, coconut oil has numerous benefits. Apart from keeping your skin and hairs healthy, this nature’s blessing is great for lubricating your vagina and treating dryness along with other infections that you could have gotten from your partner.

  • Flaxseeds

Sometimes you need to cure the dryness from the inside as well. Along with applying gels and other products, having flaxseeds orally can speed up the curing process for you. Flaxseeds have been proved through research to maintain the level of estrogen in women and so with this it too aids in getting rid of the vaginal dryness.

  • Olive oil

Prepare your meals or use it as a salad dressing, no oil can be better than olive oil for human health. From maintain the levels of cholesterol to treating dryness; this magical oil has been benefiting mankind since a very long time. Apply it directly on the insides of your vagina or take it orally, olive oil has helped many ladies in successfully lubricating their genitals and enjoying sex even more than before.

  • Honey

Being a natural moisturize, honey is a great remedy for getting rid of vaginal dryness. Enjoy it on your bread or mix it with honey to rinse your private part with it, using honey will show you results in just a few days.

  • Conclusion

Vaginal dryness can make sex painful and so decrease your sex drive to an extent that you won’t feel like mating with your partner ever again. Losing the passion and intensity can ruin your romantic life but vaginal dryness does make sex painful for the lady. Hersolution gel is one fantastic product that has helped many ladies in solving their problem and getting back their sex drive. The wonderful results of this product help you in reaching intense orgasms and have sexual experience even better than before. So what are you waiting for? Try it now and see the difference.

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