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Choose your own size with easy tricks


Call it penis or call it your “thing”, man actually take pride in their dong. They caress it just like a baby because this tiny tool plays an important role in making babies of course. From power to sex, a thing as small as a penis is used to symbolize many different actions.

For men, the bigger it is, the more masculine they feel. And when it comes to sex, many people believe that only a larger penis can satisfy them completely. Women love men with a dong that is monstrous. Not only does it show strength but also make sex more enjoyable. But there are guys who have spend a big part of their life avoiding sex and not facing their real issues. Such males have penis that is slightly smaller than then majority and this is what makes them think as useless.

Guys with a tiny dong think that they cannot satisfy ladies and so end up with zero sex life. In the era of technology and knowledge, where people have successfully landed on moon, dealing with the problems of penis is not a big deal. From enhancing it in size to treating pre-mature ejaculation, there are many products and tricks available that have and will help guys in gaining amazing results. With just a few changes, one can definitely increase the size of their manhood. Here are some useful tips:

  • Eating right

Yes, whatever you eat does have an impact on your body. if you think eating fries and drinking soda only increases your cholesterol, than you are mistaken of course. Poor eating habits can shun the growth of your dong too. When the fats deposit in your arteries, it cuts of the blood supply to your penis as well and so the growth is hindered.

With eating the right fruits and vegetables, you can actually enlarge your penis without using any expensive surgical methods or dangerous pills. There are foods that have been proved through studies to improve the blood supply to the penis which results in successfully enlarging it. Choose the right things to eat and enjoy a larger penis in just a few months.

  • Exercise is the key

With good eating habits if you try to stay active than the wonders it can do to your body is unimaginable. Taking out some time out of your hectic routine to hit the gym can actually improve your performance in bed. A good workout routine improves the supply of blood throughout the body and so more oxygen and nutrients reach to the cells of the dong which aids in its growth.

Also by staying active you’ll feel more energized and active which will enhance your sex drive and bedroom timing too. So exercise as hard as you can to make sex more pleasurable.

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  • VigrRX oil: A natural formula

Man who are desperate for quick results and don’t really want to consume pills or supplements, vigRX oil is the best alternative for them. this oil has been created with the best ingredients that are 100% natural so that you can get a bigger penis with no side effects.

Massage your manhood with this oil everyday and let it absorb. The process will improve the blood circulation and the ingredients will aid in the growth of your penis too. This oil has been proved to work like a miracle and has many guys in solving their penis issues. Get a larger dong and harder erections because this oil is the best and safest product to be used.

  • Pills and creams

One of the most common methods of enlarging the penis is of course by using pills and creams. The drug stores are full of supplements and formulas that promise men in treating their manhood issues. From pre-mature ejaculation to smaller size, there are many products that actually have helped guys in getting the desired results. Make sure you choose the one that has been made from natural ingredients and is gentle on your body.

  • Wearing the right clothes

The size of your underwear and pants matter too. just like you, your dong needs its space to breath and grow. Tight clothes will actually cut of the blood supply and oxygen leading to stunned growth. So if you want to increase the size of your penis, make sure you wear the right and lose clothes so that it gets space to move around and grow.

  • Conclusion

With just a few simple changes in your routine you can actually successfully enlarge your “thing”. And for speeding up the process, nothing can be better than VigRX oil because it is safe and gentle on your skin with amazing results. Try out these few tips and improve your sex life. you will definitely be amazed by how long you last in bed.