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Stay super Fit with 7 secret tricks!

Losing weight is an uphill task. Maintaining it afterwards is even tougher. It is human nature to slack a bit, once you have reached your goal. And this is where the downfall starts. It is a universal principal and really, it can be applied to any aspect of life.

However, that said, you all have one friend who is super fit and literally, hogs down food on a dinner outing! While you, on the other hand, order a paltry salad and opt out of dessert. You can blame her good genetics as much as you want, but if you observe that friend of yours, you’ll find that it is not good genetics. There are a few secret tricks that keep her looking the way she is. Let us share a few secret tricks with you, so you can be super fit, too!

Don’t Diet

Going on a diet may seem to be the easiest solution. After all, you are radically restricting your calorie intake and even a food group or two. You will see a lower number on the scales and all is well. But, in reality, going on a diet wreaks havoc with your health. Since you are severely restricting your caloric intake, you start losing muscle, which is opposite of what you should be aiming for!

The number on the scales dips down, but it does not reflect what you are losing. You are not losing fat, rather it is the water weight that you are losing. You will see a temporary loss of weight, which you will regain once you are off the diet. Put it this way, have you ever known someone in good shape, who got there by dieting? Dietary modifications are all you need to get fit and stay fit. Replace processed food with unprocessed food. Add fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts to your diet and you are good to go!

Workout and Enjoy While It Lasts

If you are not an active person then just the thought of getting ready for a workout is enough to put you in the backseat. That said, to stay fit, you need to move. If you look at fit people, you will see that they value their workouts. They may not be excited every time they go for their workout but they do love how it makes them feel.

So find a workout you can enjoy on a long-term basis. Think of it as your ‘me-time’. The good thing about a workout is that there is a lot to choose from. You don’t necessarily need to have a gym membership. You can walk or jog around the corner, take up a Zumba class, do yoga or Pilates, basically, you can have your pick!

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Make Exercise a Priority

Finding time to exercise can be a big deal, especially if you don’t keep regular hours at work. But this should not be an excuse for not working out. You don’t have to spend an hour at the gym to get good results. It is here that HIIT steps in. This is a high intensity interval training that does not require a lot of time and gets you good results. You can incorporate it in any of your workouts easily.

The principle is that you workout moderately for 30 seconds and then go all out for the next 30 seconds. You burn calories during the workout and even after you are done with it. Just make exercise a part of your daily life and you’ll be super fit for the rest of your life. To bring energy and focus to your workouts, you can take Capsiplex sport.

Give Yourself a Free Day

It is not possible to eat healthy all your life and that is a sweet truth. Give yourself a cheat day, in which you can indulge in your favorite food. If you think a cheat day is too much for you, go for a cheat meal. The key is to maintain a balance. Indulge but do not over-indulge.

The purpose of a cheat day or cheat meal is to curb your cravings. You are only human and it is humanely impossible to give up on your favorite food, entirely. So have a cookie or a small serving of your favorite crisps! Capsiplex sport helps in burning calories, so you can enjoy your cheat day, guilt-free!

Sleep On It

Have you ever noticed how fit people actually stick to a regular sleep schedule? No matter what, they keep their workouts close and their sleep cycle even closer.  Not only a good sleep keeps you fresh throughout the day, but also gives you energy for your workout. It helps regulate your metabolism and repairs your muscles.

Aim for a regular sleep of 7-8 hours. It is not just the duration but quality of sleep that also matters. Stick to a regular sleep schedule to find a healthier and happier you!

You Are What You Eat and Who You With

It is a simple saying with deep meanings. You are definitely what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk and processed food, then you are going downhill! If the people around you are constantly going out for fast food and donuts and choosing sedentary activities, then most likely, this is what you are going to do as well.

Nobody is advising you to get rid of your old friends, rather encourage them to join you in your workouts and healthy eating escapades! It may not be easy at first, but it is not entirely impossible!

Stay Active

Limiting your activity to the gym or your workout defies the purpose of a good workout. Being active throughout the day pays off in a good way. Walk wherever and whenever possible. Avoid using escalators and elevators, rather climb up the stairs. Choose activity-based vacation spots. Even at home and work, do not sit for long.

Get up and move around! Capsiplex sport gives you energy to stay active throughout the day!

We hope that with our secret tricks, you will be able to stay super fit for years to come! Eat healthy, be patient with yourself and exercise regularly!